Mid-Atlantic Artificial Reefs

Artificial reefs have been used throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to create habitat for marine fish and other organisms.  Appropriately placed artificial reefs have been shown to increase species richness and abundance in the surrounding areas and can be useful tools for mitigating the effects of habitat degradation. 

After an artificial reef is placed, the material is covered by encrusting organisms such as corals and sponges. Eventually, small fish and other marine animals begin to take up residence, followed by larger and more diverse animals. 

There are more than 130 artificial reefs in the Mid-Atlantic region. These reefs are made of a wide variety of materials, including including cars, trucks, subway cars, bridge rubble, barges, boats, and large cables. Follow the links below to learn more about reefs off the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states.

New York

11 Reef Sites

New Jersey

15 Reef Sites


14 Reef Sites


30 Reef Sites (10 Ocean and 20 Bay)


23 Reef Sites

North Carolina

40+ Reef Sites

National Marine Fisheries Service

Artificial Reef Site Maps

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