June 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - Thursday, June 6, 2019

Yotel New York, 570 Tenth Ave (at W 42nd), New York, NY 10036. Telephone: 646-449-7700

Agenda Overview and Briefing Materials

Stock Status

Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog 2020 Specifications Review

Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Catch Share Program Review

Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Excessive Shares

Atlantic Surfclam Research for Great South Channel Habitat Management Area

Unmanaged Species Landings Update

SSC Overfishing Limit (OFL) Coefficient of Variation (CV) Guidelines

NMFS Northeast Regional Strategic Plan

Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish 2020 Specifications Review and 2019 River Herring/Shad Cap Review

Illex Working Group Update

Ricks E Savage Award

Illex Permitting and Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish Fishery Management Plan Goals Amendment

Overview of NEFSC Fishery Monitoring and Research Division

2020-2024 Strategic Plan - Stakeholder Input Report

Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team Report

Business Session

Briefing Materials:

Webinar Recordings: