May 2014 CCC Meeting

May 12 – 15, 2014
Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Council Coordination Committee (CCC) consists of the chairs, vice chairs, and executive directors from each regional fishery management council (council), or other staff, as appropriate. The CCC meets twice each year to discuss issues relevant to all councils, including issues related to the implementation of the MSA. The Mid-Atlantic Council hosted the May 2014 CCC meeting in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The meeting agenda, briefing materials, and presentations from the meeting are posted below. 

Outcome Documents

Briefing Materials

Action Items - Status Update


Action: Form a cross-Council Habitat working group, comprised of Council staff habitat experts (with the exception of the Pacific Council at this time).

  • Status: Habitat working group established
    • Council Staff Members:
      • Jessica Coakley (MAFMC)
      • John Froeschke (GFMC)
      • Michelle Bachman (NEFMC)
      • Roger Pugliese (SAFMC)
      • Graciela GarcIa-Moliner (CFMC)
      • Dave Witherell (NPFMC)
      • TBD (WPFMC)
    • NMFS Members: 
      • Lou Chiarella (GARFO)
      • David Dale (SERO)
      • Matthew Eagleton (AKRO)
      • John Stadler (WCRO)
      • Robert Schroeder (PIRO)
      • Terra Lederhouse (OHC)

MSA Reauthorization

Action: Develop and transmit a letter with consensus statements.

ActionDevelop a working paper to address the following issues in more detail.

ActionTask WG2 with completion of NEPA white paper and further development of a CCC position on other federal statutes relative to MSA Reauthorization.

  • Status: Under development.

ActionForm a Legislative Committee to follow these issues.

  • Status: No action taken yet. Mid-Atlantic Council staff recommends postponing establishment of a legislative committee until there are additional opportunities for the CCC to comment on MSA reauthorization.

Allocation Review Working Group

Action: Adopt the hybrid approach as described in the presentation:

Form CCC working group to develop comments on adaptive management and the timing of, and criteria for, allocation review, and support for an 'agency-initiated' process for developing the broader policy guidelines.

  • Status: Allocation Review Working Group established. 
    • Members:
      • John Henderschedt (chair)
      • Rick Robins
      • Lee Anderson
      • Terry Stockwell
      • Michelle Duval
      • Eugenio Pineiro
      • Kevin Anson
      • Dorothy Lowman

Action: Adopt draft outline as advisory.

  • Status: No additional action required.

Oceana Bycatch Response

Action: Send letter to Oceana following additional review by the CCC.

Operational Guidelines

Action: Move forward with the objectives, with incorporation of previously submitted edits.

  • Status: Workshop held August 19-21 at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, WA.

Science Issues

Action: Complete revisions to the CCC Terms of Reference

Action: Approve National SSC V, pending availability of funding.

  • Status: National SSC V held February 23 – 25, 2015 in Honolulu, HI.