Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Excessive Shares Amendment Scoping Comments

The Council is soliciting written comments on the Excessive Shares Amendment to the Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog (SCOQ) Fishery Management Plan (FMP).  The amendment will consider measures that define what constitutes an excessive share in the SCOQ Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) program. This is necessary to ensure that no individual, corporation, or other entity acquires an excessive share of the SCOQ ITQ privileges. In addition, the amendment will consider potential revisions to the goals and objectives for the SCOQ FMP. Additional information is available in the scoping guide for this action, available on the Council’s website at

Scoping hearings will be held July 10-17, 2017, and written comments may be submitted via mail, fax, email, or via the form below. Click here for details about scoping hearings and other methods of submitting written comments.

Comments must be submitted by July 21, 2017.

Scoping Comment Form

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