2013 Scallop RSA Awards Announced

Fourteen research projects have been selected to receive 2013 Atlantic Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside (RSA) awards.  Read the full announcement.

Selected Projects:

  • “Habitat Characterization and Sea Scallop Resource Enhancement Study in a Proposed Habitat Research Area”  
  • “ Understanding Impacts of the Sea Scallop Fishery on Loggerhead Sea Turtles through Satellite Tagging”  
  • “Seasonal Bycatch Survey of the Georges Bank Scallop Fishery” 
  •  “Testing of Scallop Dredge Bag Design Changes For Flatfish Bycatch Reduction”  
  • “Preventing Bycatch of Yellowtail Flounder in the Scallop Fishery” 
  • “Identifying Source Sink Dynamics in Sea Scallop Populations of the Northwest Atlantic”  
  • “Scallop Fishery Bycatch Avoidance System”
  • “High-Resolution Video Survey of the Sea Scallop Resource in George’s Bank Closed Area II (South) and Delmarva”
  • “Survey of Persistent Scallop Aggregations and an Examination of Their Influence on Recruitment Using the FVCOM Oceanographic Model”
  • “A Synoptic Survey of the Sea Scallop Resource in the Mid-Atlantic”
  • “An Assessment of Sea Scallop Abundance and Distribution in the Access Area of the Nantucket Lightship Closed Area”
  •  “An Assessment of Sea Scallop Abundance and Distribution in the Northeast George’s Bank Area”  
  • “Optical Survey of Scallop Resource Areas:  Closed Area I, Closed Area II HAPC, & Contiguous Areas”  
  • “Combined High-Resolution Video Survey and Biological Sampling Using a Modified Sled Dredge of the Sea Scallop Resource in Nantucket Lightship Access Area” 

Research Set-Aside programs are unique to federal fisheries in the northeast. Although the Northeast Cooperative Research Program manages RSA programs, no federal funds are provided to support the research. Instead, funding is provided annually by the sale of set-aside allocations for quota managed or days-at-sea managed fisheries.