New Jersey Fisherman's Career Highlighted in Award Dedication Video

Earlier this year Barnegat Light fisherman Lou Puskas was named the 2014 recipient of the Garden State Commercial Fishing Industry Award. The award is given each year "to recognize individuals and/or entities that exhibit professionalism and commitment to promote the health, success, and sustainability of New Jersey's commercial seafood industry through diligence and innovation."  

Captain Puskas is most widely known for his role in developing the golden tilefish fishery and creating a national market for the fish. He was also instrumental in eliminating foreign fishing effort in U.S. waters with the establishment of a 12-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (later extended to 200 miles). His career and achievements were the subject of an award dedication video by Kaltenbach Productions. According to the video description, "Captain Lou Puskas certainly steps into the limelight. He has had a tremendous career and seems to be somewhat of a legend. This man rediscovered tile fish, lobbied against foreign fleets fishing in US water and survived three boat sinkings."