April 15 Listening Session: Squid Capacity Amendment

Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Ocean Place Resort 
One Ocean Blvd, Long Branch, NJ  07740, Telephone 732-571-4000

Webinar: http://mafmc.adobeconnect.com/april2015/

Members of the public are invited to attend the Mid-Atlantic Council’s next listening session at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 in Long Branch, New Jersey to provide input for the development of a “Squid Capacity Amendment.” This amendment will review the performance of the longfin squid and Illex squid fisheries and consider options for controlling or limiting capacity of the fleets. The listening session is being held in conjunction with the April 2015 Council meeting and will be the fourth in a series of six scoping hearings for the amendment. Individuals are welcome to attend in person or via webinar at the link above.

The Council is considering this action because there is considerable latent capacity in both the longfin squid and Illex squid fisheries. A small portion of vessels with limited access squid permits account for the majority of landings in most years, and the Council is concerned that activation of latent capacity in these fisheries could lead to excessive fishing effort and increased catch of non-target species. 

The amendment would likely consider a variety of approaches for reducing capacity in the squid fisheries, such as a requalification of permits, a tiered limited access system, and/or individual fishing quotas (also known as “catch shares”). If the Council decides to move forward with an amendment, a range of alternatives would be developed for analysis and additional public comment.

The Council is seeking specific ideas and comments related to capacity of the squid fleets as well as general comments regarding management of the Atlantic mackerel, squid, and butterfish (MSB) fisheries. Scoping is the first and best opportunity for members of the public to identify management issues and propose effective alternatives. Comments provided early in the amendment development process help the Council ensure that issues of public concern are addressed in a thorough and appropriate manner.

Additional details related to the amendment—including the complete hearing schedule and instructions for submitting written comments—are available on the Council’s website at: 

Please contact Jason Didden at jdidden@mafmc.org or (302) 526-5254 if you have any questions regarding the listening session process or if you would like to confirm that your computer is set up to access the webinar.