George Darcy Receives Ricks E Savage Award

George Darcy (center) with Council Chairman Rick Robins (left) and Regional Administrator John Bullard (right).

During last week's meeting in Raleigh, NC, the Council named George Darcy, former NOAA Fisheries Assistant Regional Administrator, as the 2015 recipient of the Ricks E Savage Award. The award is given each year to a person who has added value to the MAFMC process and management goals through significant scientific, legislative, enforcement, or management activities.

During his 14-year tenure as the NOAA Fisheries’ Assistant Regional Administrator, George Darcy played an important role in the success of the Mid-Atlantic Council’s fisheries management. In this position, Mr. Darcy worked closely with the Mid-Atlantic Council to accomplish a number of successes, including the rebuilding of most of the Council’s managed fisheries. He also played an integral role in the Council’s development of its Omnibus Annual Catch Limit and Accountability Measure Amendment that ensured FMP compliance with 2006 amendments to the Magnuson Act.

The Mid-Atlantic Council has been well-served by George Darcy.  Mr. Darcy’s effective collaboration with stakeholders has made him highly respected throughout the region, despite the sometimes contentious situations.  His work as an Agency leader and contributor has made lasting contributions to the Mid-Atlantic Council’s mission of sustainable fisheries management.

George Darcy retired in April 2014, after over 30 years of dedicated and responsible public service.