National Fish Habitat Partnership Releases "Our Story" Video Reflecting on 10 Years of Habitat Protection

The National Fish Habitat Action Plan was established in 2006 and has supported 679 projects benefiting fish habitat in all 50 states. The partnership leverages federal, state, tribal, and private funding resources to achieve the greatest impact on fish populations meeting the priorities of our 20 regionally-based Fish Habitat Partnerships.

BOEM to Hold Open House During April Council Meeting in Montauk, NY

BOEM’s Office of Renewable Energy Programs will hold an open house on April 10 and 11 during the April Council Meeting in Montauk, NY to gather feedback on recently proposed commercial offshore renewable energy projects and other related topics. 

NOAA Fisheries Announces Reduction to Mackerel Possession Limit for Rest of Fishing Year Effective February 27

As of 00:01 local time on February 27, 2018, vessels issued Federal Atlantic mackerel permits may not fish for, possess, transfer, receive, land, or sell more than 20,000 lb of mackerel per trip or calendar day through December 31, 2018. 

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office Accepting Fisheries Science Proposals Through April 26

The funding opportunity focuses on links between habitat in the Chesapeake Bay and offshore to the health of black sea bass and summer flounder.

South Atlantic Council Seeks Input on Proposed Changes to Atlantic Cobia Management

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is soliciting public input on proposed management changes for Atlantic cobia as they consider revising the current management system. Public hearings will be held via webinar with public listening stations beginning January 22, 2018.

NEFMC to Hold Two Mid-Atlantic Port Meetings to Gather Public Input for Independent Program Review

The New England Fishery Management Council has scheduled two port meetings in the Mid-Atlantic region to gather public input for their ongoing independent program review. The meetings will be held on January 8 in Montauk, NY and January 9 in Cape May, NJ.

NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Proposed Quotas for Squid and Butterfish

NOAA Fisheries proposes squid and butterfish quotas for the 2018-2020 fishing years and will maintain the mackerel quotas previously set for 2018.Comments on this rule must be received by 5 pm on January 12, 2018.

NOAA Fisheries Announces Final Blueline Tilefish Amendment to the Golden Tilefish Fishery Management Plan

NOAA Fisheries has announced a final rule to implement the Blueline Tilefish Amendment to the Council's Tilefish Fishery Management Plan. This action sets commercial and recreational management measures for the blueline tilefish fishery in the Mid-Atlantic. This rule goes into effect on December 15, 2017.

2018/2019 Monkfish Research Set Aside Funding Opportunity -- Due Dec. 21, 2017

NMFS, in coordination with the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, is soliciting Monkfish research proposals to utilize monkfish RSA Days At Sea that has been set-aside by the Councils to fund monkfish research endeavors through the 2018/2019 Monkfish Research Set-Aside Program. 

NOAA Funds 2017 National Fish Habitat Partnership Priorities And Projects

In 2017, NOAA has provided a total of over $100,000 across four Fish Habitat Partnerships to support prioritization, monitoring, and data analysis projects. These projects support the goals of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan and align with NOAA’s efforts to protect, restore, and promote stewardship of coastal and marine habitat to support our nation's fisheries for future generations.

New Electronic Reporting Requirements for Mid-Atlantic Charter/Party Vessels

Beginning March 12, 2018, all charter and party vessels that hold a federal permit for species managed by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council will be required to electronically submit vessel trip reports for all trips carrying passengers for hire.

NEFSC: 2017 Sweep Efficiency Study Targets Summer Flounder

Testing the efficiency of different sweep types on fishing nets was the focus of twin trawling operations August 18-28 aboard the F/V Karen Elizabeth from Point Judith, RI.  The target species: summer flounder, with red hake and winter flounder a secondary priority. Summer flounder, also known as fluke, is a flatfish that tends to stay on the ocean bottom. A valuable commercial and recreational fishery, it is found in offshore waters in the winter and in inshore waters throughout the summer.

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