Golden and Blueline Tilefish

The Council's Tilefish Fishery Management Plan (FMP) establishes management measures for golden tilefish (Lopholatilus chamaelonticeps) and blueline tilefish (Caulolatilus microps) from Virginia through Maine.  


Blueline Tilefish

Caulolatilus microps

Fishery Management Plan and Amendments

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Fishery Performance Reports and Information Documents

Fishery Performance Reports (FPR) are developed every year by each fishery's advisory panel to provide the Council and SSC with a description of the factors that influenced fishing effort and catch within each of the Council’s fisheries. Prior to the development of the FPR, Council staff summarize the most recent catch, landings, and effort data in a Fishery Information Document.  These documents for the golden tilefish fishery are listed below.