John McMurray

New York – Appointed Obligatory Member (3rd term, Exp. 2017)

John McMurray

Capt. John McMurray is the owner and primary operator of One More Cast Charters, an inshore and offshore light-tackle guide service out of Jamaica Bay, NY.  McMurray began his fisheries-related career while in the United States Coast Guard, where he served as small-boat coxswain and boarding officer involved with marine fisheries enforcement.  Upon leaving the service, he served as Executive Director for the Coastal Conservation Association NY. He is currently the Director of Grants Programs at the Norcross Wildlife Foundation in New York, which has distributed over $20 million in conservation grants since 1982, much ofit directly targeted for protection of marine fish and habitat.

McMurray has carved out a niche as a writer specializing in conservation and responsible angling issues, writing a regular conservation column for Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine and serving as New York/New Jersey regional editor for the website for 7 years.  He is a frequent contributor to Salt Water Sportsman and Sport Fishing magazines, and to On The Water, a regional angling newspaper.  His work has also appeared in a host of other publications, including Newsday and The New York Times.  Capt. McMurray also sits on the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's Striped Bass Advisory Panel and is serving his second term on the Council.