Expert Panel Review on the Project Examining Allocations in the Scup Fishery


In August 2013 the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council) held an expert panel meeting to review the scup allocation work conducted by Gentner Consulting Group (GCG). GCG was contracted by the Council to conduct an analysis of the scup commercial and recreational fisheries. The expert panel was composed of Scientific and Statistical Committee members and outside experts formed by Drs. Eric Thunberg (NOAA Fisheries, Chair), Douglas Lipton (NOAA Fisheries), Jenny Sun (Gulf of Maine Research Institute), Kurt Schnier (Georgia State University), and Jorge Holzer (University of Maryland). 

The scup allocation analysis conducted by GCG contains four modules 1) commercial valuation, 2) consumer valuation, 3) for-hire producer surplus, and 4) recreational angler surplus that have been used to simulate marginal willingness to pay for scup catch in the recreational and commercial fisheries. GCG developed the first 3 modules and the recreational angler surplus module (module #4) was developed by the NEFSC’s Social Science Branch. The overall analytical framework used by GCG is innovative and has no precedent in the peer review literature or elsewhere in terms of informing regulatory actions for fisheries with both commercial and recreational components. 

Read the expert panel's report on the Scup Allocation Analysis

Background Material

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