Pelagic Fisheries: U.S. and European Perspectives and Shared Experiences

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council held two workshops in collaboration with the European Union’s Pelagic Advisory Council ( in May and June 2018. The objective of these workshops was to share information and best management practices across U.S. and European pelagic and small-mesh fisheries. Both workshops involved a combination of presentations, group discussions, and field trips designed to give participants first-hand knowledge of local fishery operations and issues.

U.S. Workshop

Background Documents


Tuesday, May 1

Wednesday, May 2

E.U. Workshop


Steering Committee

U.S. Members: Chris Moore, Jason Didden, Mary Sabo, Jeff Kaelin, Eric Reid

E.U. Members: Gerard van Balsfoort, Verena Ohms, Jesper Raakjær, Esben Sverdrup-Jensen