Steve Heins

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New York - Appointed Obligatory Member (1st Term, Exp. 2020)

Mr. Stephen W. Heins is a retired fisheries professional, leaving the New York Department of Environmental Conservation in May 2017 following a 29-year career there. For the last 11 years of his employment with the DEC, Mr. Heins served as the Chief of Marine Fisheries and coordinator of finfish and crustacean programs.  He was the department's designee to the Council during this time. Early in his career, he headed New York State’s artificial reef and fishing access programs, and later participated on ASMFC’s Management and Science Committee, NEAMAP Board and other Commission activities.  Following his retirement, Mr. Heins was appointed to New York's obligatory seat on the Council in 2017.  

Mr. Heins has a B.S. in Marine Science from Southampton College and an M.S. in Marine Environmental Science from the State University of New York.  He proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is an avid recreational angler.


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