Laurie Nolan

New York – Appointed At-Large Member (3rd term, Exp. 2020)

Laurie Nolan.jpg

Laurie Nolan has participated in shoreside and offshore commercial fishing activities for 34 years. Her experiences on the water include bottom longlining for Mid-Atlantic Golden Tilefish, swordfishing, and bottom fishing in Florida. Laurie currently works as the onshore manager of a tilefish vessel and has extensive experience with shoreside packing, operations management, marketing, and book keeping. She has also participated in the design and construction of steel and aluminum longline fishing boats.  Laurie’s long history with the Mid-Atlantic Council includes 7 years of involvement as a tilefish advisor prior to her appointment to the Council in 2000.  She served the maximum of three three-year terms on the Council from 2000 to 2009 and was reappointed in 2011. Laurie and her husband have three children and have lived in Montauk, NY for 32 years. 


2018 Financial Disclosure