Listening Session: Proposed Rule to Revise Listing Status of Humpback Whales

Members of the public are invited to attend the Council’s next listening session at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9 to learn about – and provide comments on – a proposed rule to revise the Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing of humpback whales. 

NOAA Fisheries: Successful Conservation Efforts Recognized in Proposed ESA Humpback Whale Listing Revision

NOAA Fisheries has announced a proposal to reclassify the humpback whale into 14 distinct population segments and to remove ten of those populations from the endangered species list. The proposed changes are expected to provide a more tailored conservation approach for U.S. fisheries managers.

NOAA Fisheries Announces $2.5 Million Available for Innovative Bycatch Solutions

NOAA Fisheries is now accepting project proposals its Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program (BREP). Approximately $2.5 million is available to fishermen, academics, and other interested groups for projects that offer practical solutions to reduce bycatch. Pre-proposals are due by April 16 with full applications due by May 28, 2015.

NC Sea Grant, NMFS Seek Marine Mammal Bycatch Reduction Research Proposals

The National Marine Fisheries Service, in partnership with North Carolina Sea Grant, is providing competitive funding for research in support of the Bottlenose Dolphin Take Reduction Plan.The deadline for submitting proposals is 4 p.m. on Friday, March 28, 2014.

NOAA Fisheries: Final ESA Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinion Now Available

NOAA Fisheries announces that the Final biological opinion to assess the impact of seven Northeast fisheries on various species listed under the federal Endangered Species Act as either threatened or endangered is now available.

NOAA announces regulations to protect marine mammals during Navy training and testing in Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

NOAA Fisheries announced today final regulations requiring the United States Navy to implement protective measures during training and testing activities in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to reduce effects on marine mammals.

2013 Bottlenose Dolphin Unusual Mortality Event

NOAA Fisheries has declared an Unusual Mortality Event (UME) for bottlenose dolphins in the Mid-Atlantic. Strandings of bottlenose dolphins in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia  were more than 7 times their historical average during the month of July and have remained elevated into mid-August.

NOAA Fisheries: ESA Listing for River Herring not Warranted At This Time

NOAA Fisheries announced today that listing is not warranted at this time for alewife and blueback herring, collectively known as river herring, as either threatened or endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.

NMFS Publishes Draft 7 Consultation on the Continued Implementation of Seven Northeast Fisheries

The Northeast Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Service has published a draft Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 Consultation on the Continued Implementation of Management Measures for seven Northeast fisheries.  Download complete PDF/print version.

New Voluntary Speed Restriction Zone in Effect through Mar 31 to Protect Group of Right Whales

NOAA Fisheries announces that a voluntary vessel speed restriction zone (Dynamic Management Area - DMA) has been established in the vicinity of Nantucket Island to protect an aggregation of 20 right whales sighted in this area on February 26, 2013.