Research Set-Aside Program

Research Set-Aside (RSA) programs provide a mechanism to fund research and compensate vessel owners participating in research through the sale of fish harvested under a research quota or research days at sea (DAS). These programs, which are unique to the federal fisheries of the northeast, can be designed and implemented in a variety of ways.  

The Mid-Atlantic Council's RSA program was created in 2001, and over the course of its 13 year history, the program has funded 41 research projects. In the Mid-Atlantic, funding for research projects is generated through the sale of a portion of each species quota, which can range from 0-3 percent of a fishery's total allowable landings (TAL) for a given year. 

The Mid-Atlantic and New England Councils establish research priorities for each RSA program, which are used to select projects.


2009 Fishery Independent Scup Survey of hard bottom areas in Southern New England Waters (SNE) - NA09NMF4540004

NEAMAP Final Report Fall 2007 - Fall 2009 - NA09NMF4540005

Evaluation of Summer Flounder Discard Mortality in the Bottom Trawl Fishery, Part II: A Study of the Offshore Winter Fishery - NA09NMF4540006

2010 Fishery Independent Scup Survey of hard bottom areas in Southern New England Waters (SNE) - NA10NMF4540019

A Method to Reduce Butterfish Retention in the Offshore Directed Longfin Squid Fishery Through the Use of Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRD) Adapted to Pre-Existing Gear - NA10NMF4540020

Analysis of Rhode Island Ventless Trap Survey Index for Stock Assessment of Scup and Black Sea Bass - NA11NMF4540003

Black Sea Bass Project - Progress Report for August – January 2013/2014 - NA11NMF4540004

2012 Fishery Independent Scup Survey of Hard Bottom Areas in Southern New England Waters - NA12NMF4540019

NEAMAP Data Report Fall 2007 - Fall 2012 - NA13NMF4540007

NEAMAP Fall 2007 - Fall 2010 Report - NA10NMF4540018 

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