Fishery Performance Reports

The Council's advisory panels develop Fishery Performance Reports (FPR) each year to provide the Council and SSC with an annual description of the factors that influenced fishing effort and catch within each of the Council’s fisheries. These reports are intended to summarize fishermen's "on-the-water" perspectives, including information about fishing effort, market trends, and environmental changes, and other factors that may not be fully accounted for in the stock assessment process. The contextual information provided in these reports can become particularly important during the process of setting quotas for data-poor stocks. Listed below each FPR is a Fishery Information Document (FID) for each species managed under the fishery management plan. The purpose of the FID is to summarize the most recent catch, landings, and effort data. (Note: Data Sources for Fishery Information Documents are generally from unpublished NMFS Survey, Dealer, VTR, Permit, and MRFSS databases and should be considered preliminary.)