Council Vice-Chairman Lee Anderson Named IIFET Fellow


In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of fisheries economics, the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET) has named Dr. Lee G. Anderson (University of Delaware) a Fellow of IIFET. Among the factors in his selection for this honor are Dr. Anderson’s authorship of the classic text, “The Economics of Fisheries Management”, first published in 1977, revised in 1986 and republished in 2004, which has served as an important learning tool for fisheries economists nationally and internationally. Additional books have included “The Bioeconomics of Fishery Management” (with Dr. Juan Carlos Seijo), and a two-volume edited collection of previous published articles on fisheries economics.

In addition to these texts and chapters in over 35 books, reports and proceedings, Dr. Anderson has published widely in highly respected journals including Marine Resource Economics, the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, and Land Economics, among others. His scholarly contributions have strongly influenced the fundamental development of the application of economics to fisheries problems.

In addition to his scholarly contributions, Dr. Anderson has exerted a strong influence in the policy arena, particularly in the implementation of Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) systems at state, federal, and international levels. He is currently in his sixth term as a member of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and he has advised the Atlantic States, Great Lakes, and other US Marine Fisheries Commissions, the US Department of State, the US General Accounting Office, the National Academy of Sciences, the World Bank, the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations, the European Union, and the Governments of New Zealand, Australia, Oman, Morocco and Chile.

IIFET is an international professional association of fisheries and aquaculture economists, which has provided an international forum the exchange of information and ideas among individuals from academia, government, industry, and international agencies around the world since 1982. Dr. Anderson is one of the first four individuals to be named a Fellow of IIFET.

Dr. Anderson will give a Fellow’s Address at the IIFET 2014 Australia Conference in July, 2014.

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