Request for Proposals: Cost Estimates for Herring and Mackerel Monitoring Programs (Due May 29)

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is seeking proposals from fishery monitoring service providers to develop detailed cost analyses for proposed portside and at-sea monitoring programs.

Download the Request for Proposals (PDF)


The Mid-Atlantic and New England Fishery Management Councils are developing a set of fishery monitoring alternatives as part of the Industry-funded Monitoring Omnibus Amendment. The amendment includes specific alternatives to improve monitoring of the Atlantic herring (herring) and Atlantic mackerel (mackerel) fisheries through industry-funded portside and at-sea monitoring programs. The Mid-Atlantic Council is seeking information to provide managers and the fishing industry with a better understanding of the potential costs associated with portside and at-sea monitoring programs for these fisheries.  

The Council is seeking monitoring service providers to provide feedback on, and develop cost estimates for 3 proposed program models: (1) Portside monitoring program for the midwater trawl fleet; (2) At sea monitoring of discard occurrences including full/partial slippage events by the principal Atlantic herring and Atlantic mackerel fishery participants; and (3) At sea monitoring of discard occurrences, including full/partial slippage events as well as river herring and shad species composition for the principal Atlantic herring and Atlantic mackerel fishery participants.

Proposals are due by by May 29, 2015.

Please review the full Request for Proposals for details on the scope of work, expected deliverable, project timeline, stipend, and proposal instructions.