U.S. Commerce Department Announces 2015 Regional Fishery Council Appointments

The U.S. Commerce Department today announced the appointment of 30 new and returning members to the eight regional fishery management councils that partner with NOAA Fisheries to manage ocean fish stocks. The new and reappointed council members begin their three-year terms on August 11.

Council members are appointed to both obligatory (state-specific) and at-large (regional) seats. Council members serve a three-year term and can be reappointed to serve three consecutive terms. Mid-Atlantic Council appointments are listed below. Read the full announcement for information about appointments to all 8 Councils. 

Mid-Atlantic Council Appointments

The Mid-Atlantic Council includes members from the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The appointees for 2015 will fill obligatory seats for New Jersey and Virginia and two at-large seats.

Obligatory seats:

  • Adam C. Nowalsky (New Jersey)
  • Peter L. deFur (Virginia)

At-large seats:

  • Sara E. Winslow (North Carolina)
  • *Anthony D. Dilernia (New York)

Asterisks preceding a member's name indicate a reappointment.