Joint Monkfish Committee

Monkfish is managed jointly with the New England Fishery Management Council (New England is the lead Council). The Joint Monkfish Oversight Committee is composed of members of both Councils. Please refer to the monkfish page on the New England Council's website for additional information and updates.

  • Eric Reid, Chair (NEFMC)
  • Laurie Nolan, Vice-Chair
  • Peter Aarrestad (NEFMC)
  • Terry Alexander (NEFMC)
  • Joe Cimino
  • Elizabeth Etrie (NEFMC)
  • Steve Heins
  • Peter Hughes
  • Roger Mann
  • Scott Olszewski
  • John Pappalardo (NEFMC)
  • Mike Pentony (designee: Mike Ruccio)
  • David Pierce (NEFMC)
  • Wes Townsend


Italics – full voting members on assigned committees but non-voting MAFMC members