March 19-20, 2019 SSC Meeting

The Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) will meet on March 19-20, 2019. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. on March 19 and conclude by 12:00 p.m. on March 20.

The purpose of this meeting is to review the most recent survey and fishery data and the currently implemented 2020 acceptable biological catch (ABC) for golden and blueline tilefish. The SSC will also review and provide feedback on the most recent Mid-Atlantic State of the Ecosystem report, other Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) related activities and the Council’s Comprehensive Research Plan. The SSC will review changes to the stock assessment schedule and peer review process for Mid-Atlantic and New England species as recently approved by the Northeast Regional Coordinating Council (NRCC). The SSC will also review and discuss recent activities by the Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel (NTAP).

Meeting Materials

Golden Tilefish

Blueline Tilefish

NRCC Assessment Process and Schedule

Comprehensive 5-year research plan

Mid-Atlantic State of the Ecosystem

Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel

Other Business