Peter Hughes

New Jersey - Appointed At-Large Member (2nd Term, Exp. 2022)

Located in Cape May, New Jersey, Peter Hughes is the Director of Sustainability for Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc.  After commercial fishing for Squid and Mackerel on the East Coast Peter started working for Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc. in 1990. Peter is the recent past Chairman of the Sea Scallop Advisory Panel and a member of the Observer Policy Committee of the for the New England Fishery Management Council helping them facilitate policy and the responsible stewardship of our nation’s oceans. 

Peter is also a Board member of the Science Center for Marine Fisheries (SCeMFiS), a National Science Foundation recognized Science Center. “Maintaining the sustainability of our living marine resources through the use of the best available science is an essential goal and one I will continue to strive to achieve.” Peter and his wife Gwen are raising two children in Stone Harbor, NJ where they have lived for over 30 years.


2018 Financial Disclosure