Volunteer/Self-Reported Angler Data Workshop

February 2, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Workshop Summary

Anglers have told us that one way to increase overall trust in recreational catch numbers is to take advantage of their enthusiasm through hands-on participation in data collection. As a result, several states have implemented volunteer/self reported angler data collection programs to collect recreational data.  This workshop, co-sponsored by the Council and the Marine Recreational Information Program (www.countmyfish.noaa.gov), brought together the people who manage these state programs and other volunteer data collection programs in order to examine questions such as: "Which data needs are best filled by volunteer angler data?" and "How can programs establish and sustain angler enthusiasm and support?"

This meeting was open to the public and webcast with opportunities for public participation from those attending in person as well as those participating via webinar.  About 40 people attended in person and about 30 people attended online.



State Programs 

While all coastal states FL-ME were represented, to give participants a sense of the details involved in  volunteer/self reported angler data collection four current state programs were presented: CT, MD, NJ, and VA. 

Non-State and/or Partner Programs

Statistical Considerations for Volunteer/Self-Reported Angler Data

Other Interesting Links

Jason Didden