Omnibus Industry Funded Monitoring Amendment


This amendment considers measures that would allow the Councils to implement industry-funded monitoring coverage in some fishery management plans (FMPs) above levels required by the Standard Bycatch Reporting Methodology (SBRM) in order to assess the amount and type of catch, monitor annual catch limits, and/or provide other information for management.  The Amendment also considers specific coverage levels for the Atlantic mackerel and Atlantic herring fisheries.

This amendment is being developed jointly as an omnibus to ensure consistency for industry-funded monitoring programs across New England and Mid-Atlantic FMPs.  NMFS has taken the lead in developing this action.


Jason Didden, Fishery Management Specialist  - (302) 526-5254,

Amendment Status

After reviewing public input and receiving updated analyses, in December 2016 the Council voted to postpone final action until completion of an ongoing electronic monitoring pilot project being conducted by NMFS.  Results of the pilot project are expected in early 2018. 

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