Squid Amendment


This Amendment to the Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish Fishery Management Plan considers measures to reduce latent (unused or minimally used) longfin and Illex squid permits and also measures to modify how Trimester 2 (May-August) of the longfin squid fishery is managed.

The objectives of this action are to:

  • Consider the appropriate number of vessels in the directed longfin squid / Illex fisheries and design appropriate management measures for permitted vessels. The Council is considering this action because there is considerable latent effort in both fisheries - a relatively small portion of vessels with limited access (“moratorium”) squid permits account for the majority of landings in most years, and the Council is concerned that activation of latent permits in the squid fisheries could lead to excessive fishing effort (shortening seasons), and increased catch of non-target species.
  • Re-evaluate the management of longfin squid in Trimester 2. The Council is considering this action because there is concern that the productivity of the longfin squid stock may be negatively impacted if excessive fishing in T2 does not allow sufficient spawning and/or egg hatching from egg mops.


Jason Didden - (302) 526-5254, jdidden@mafmc.org


The Council held public hearings on the amendment in April and May 2017. The Council will review public comments and expects to take final action at the June 2017 Meeting.