Squid Capacity Amendment

The Council is developing an amendment to reduce the capacities of the longfin squid and Illex squid fleets. The Council is considering this action because there is considerable latent capacity in both fisheries - a small portion of vessels with limited access squid permits account for the majority of landings in most years, and the Council is concerned that activation of latent capacity in the squid fisheries could lead to excessive fishing effort and increased catch of non-target species. Several other issues have been added as well: (1) new allocations/permits for Maine/northern states; (2) re-evaluation of longfin squid trimesters; and (3) longfin squid buffer zones (e.g. 10 miles) beyond state waters in the area south of Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket to allow squid to enter/spawn in Nantucket Sound. Catch share programs (i.e. LAPPs/ITQs/etc.) are not being considered in this action.

This action is in development - The next relevant meetings will be an FMAT call at 9am Wednesday Dec 7 (see calendar) and at the December Council Meeting http://www.mafmc.org/briefing/december-2016.


Jason Didden - (302) 526-5254, jdidden@mafmc.org