December 2015

Monday, December 7 – Thursday, December 10, 2015
Annapolis, Maryland

Meeting Materials

Agenda and Summary Documents

Stock Status

Executive Committee

Comprehensive 5-year Research Priority Plan

Non-Fishing Activities that Impact Fish Habitat

Golden Tilefish Framework 2 – Meeting 1

Blueline Tilefish Alternatives

Spiny Dogfish Specification Review

Unmanaged Forage – The Pacific Council Experience

Unmanaged Forage Species Amendment

Scup GRA Framework – Meeting 1

Summer Flounder Goals and Objectives Workshop

2016 Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass Commercial Management Measures

Summer Flounder 2016 Recreational Management Measures

Summer Flounder Amendment

Black Sea Bass 2016 Recreational Management Measures 

Scup 2016 Recreational Management Measures

GARFO Recreational Implementation Plan

NEFSC Strategic Plan

2016 Implementation Plan

Business Session