Council Member Dewey Hemilright Honored in 'Busch Heroes' Campaign

This week, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council member Dewey Hemilright was announced as one of six individuals in the Busch 2015 Class of Heroes. The Busch Heroes program was developed in 2014 "to recognize people who truly go above and beyond, not only in their day job, but also by making a difference in their community when the workday is complete."  Check out the video below to hear Dewey's story. 

For over 26 years, Dewey Hemilright has been casting lines from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. At 10, Dewey used his first paycheck to buy a fishing rod, realizing then that earning it is just part of daily life. Now, as a dedicated spokesman for the fishing industry, he partners with organizations like Provider Pals to help teach kids all over the country about the importance of water policy, sustainable living, and yes, fishing. Here's to Dewey, and here's to earning it. Check out his story in the video above.