Newly Added Species to be Reported in Vessel Trip Reports

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Vessels that fish for certain species in federal waters are required to have federal fishing permits. One of the requirements of permit holders is that they complete a Vessel Trip Report, or “VTR,” for each fishing trip they take.

Many species managed in the South Atlantic are being caught more frequently in Mid-Atlantic waters due to apparent shifts/extensions in species distributions. To avoid landings going un-reported, the NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) has developed species codes for 21 such species (Table 1). These species should be reported the same way as all other species.

Table 1. Additional list of species identified by GARFO and the MAFMC to be reported in VTRs.

For more information on VTRs and questions regarding reporting please visit the links below.

For questions about VTRs, contact Daniel Luers, Sustainable Fisheries Division, at 978-282-8457 or email at