River Herring and Shad Management (Formerly Am. 15)

In June 2012 the Council initiated an amendment to the Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish FMP to consider whether the existing management framework for river herring and shad was sufficient for conservation and management of these species and whether Federal management under the MSA would address any deficiencies and/or inefficiencies. This amendment was formerly referred to as Amendment 15For the purposes of this action, river herrings included alewife and blueback herring and shads included American and hickory shad.


At its October 2013 meeting, the Council voted to address additional conservation of river herring and shad through an interagency working group. The Council will review the progress of the working group on a regular basis, with the first review occurring at the June 2014 Council meeting. In three years, the Council will conduct a formal evaluation of the effectiveness of the approved working group approach and determine if it is appropriate, or if a different strategy is required to protect river herring and shad. 

The Council has also initiated a framework intended to improve precision and increase accountability in the river herring and shad cap for the mackerel fishery. A decision on this framework is expected at the February 2014 Council meeting.


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